Censorship Daily
Publication, 2012

This publication shows a selection of censored images from NRC Handelsblad that Jan Dirk van den Burg collected from his friend Thomas Erdbrink in Iran (2007-2012). When the sealed newspapers land on his doormat in Tehran, its contents have already been secretly checked by the Iranian authorities. Forbidden items used to be carefully suppressed using scissors, a ruler and blue stickers.
The act of censoring with the thick blue stickers brings new aesthetics to the images. Intrigued by Jan Dirks collection, we teamed up to select the best examples of censorship to bring them together in a very fine printed publication. For the cover we used the leftovers  to emphasize the autonomous and ornamental quality the sticker brings into the daily news.

The publication is part of the selection The Best Dutch Book Design 2012, which is –together with De Hallen Haarlem, Inventory 2007–2012 and Salonon view at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam from September 14 onwards until October 27, 2013.

Archive: Cobbenhagen Hendriksen