Metropolis M
Pitch, 2008

Pitch for the magazine Metropolis M in November 2008.
 The question of the pitch was to make a design that would originate from 'the classic'-design made by Julia Born. Content-wise the magazine wouldn't change at that moment. Since our starting point was 'the classics' without a differ in content, we wanted to create a design which would function as a start of change, so the design would make changes in time and content possible without loosing Metropolis M's distinguish character. To do so we needed a strong grid which would define each and every design decision and would be able to influence changes and easily evolve in form through time. We choose to find the basis for this strict grid in a typeface designed with such rules; the Replica (designed by Norm, CH). The combination of the typeface and the grid creates enough space, for the magazine and its appearance to -first of all- start and then keep on changing.

Archive: Cobbenhagen Hendriksen

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