Floating Population
Nadine Stijns, 2013

The publication of photographer Nadine Stijns shows a continuing overview, investigating the stream of migrant laborers in China. These people –from vast rural areas who left their hometowns seeking work– are referred to as the ‘floating population'. With the shown assembly of photographs, video stills and photographed objects like textiles, rubber shoes, construction materials, a sock, piles of postcards, posters and more, Nadine Stijns explores the social surroundings of this group of floating workers. Capturing their roots, daily environment, privacy, mentality and social status. Resulting in a beautiful document enfolding a view on China's changing culture.

With texts by sinologist, journalist and writer Catherine Vuylsteke.

Floating Population
A publication by Nadine Stijns
24 x 35 cm, 40 pages full-color
Self-cover with plastic sleeve
Printed by Lenoirschuring Amsterdam
ISBN 9789490119218
Published by Fw:Books
Design: Cobbenhagen Hendriksen