De Zingende Zaag
Jubilee edition, 2019

De Zingende Zaag is a experimental platform for poetry, established by George Moormann in 1989. A rich collection of publications has been published over the years. This edition (#42) embrases the celebrative character of 30 years of existence.

A 12 meter long flag garland holds the archive of the De Zingende Zaag's full history (containing newspaper clippings, pictures, presentations, articles, objects, ornaments, references, etc) alternated with photographic representation of all the preceding issues.

144 pages, 170 x 225 x 40 mm
Photography: Ton van der Heide
Publisher: George Moormann, De Zingende Zaag Producties, Haarlem
Lithography and printing: Lenoirschuring, The Netherlands
Combination of flatbook and leporello binding: J. Voetelink & Zoon, Haarlem
ISBN: 979 90 74183 31 4

Awarded Best Verzorgde Boeken 2019