Facade Suspended
Pieter Paul Pothoven

Pieter Paul Pothoven's exhibition at Durst Britt & Mayhew sheds light on RaRa (Revolutionary Anti-Racist Action) through different media, the publication is one of them. Point of departure is Overtoom 274, a house in Amsterdam that played a pivotal role in the exposure of RaRa. facade suspended focuses on a police raid on the premises that took place in 1988, as well as on the facade itself, which is not only linked to RaRa, but also has its own distinctive connection to the Dutch colonial past. A facsimile of the blueprint shows the facade and is folded around the booklet. The content, printed in a combination of offset and riso untangles the story and comments on it. The colonial reference is represented by the images of the keys which were melted to create a part of the shown facade.

Text by Thijs Boers, Roeland Muskens with annotations of RaRa
Translated by Guus van Engelshoven
24 pages, 165 x 270 mm
Offset printed by Lenoirschuring
Riso printed at studioHendriksen
Published by Dürst Britt & Mayhew and Pieter Paul Pothoven
Images of the publication by Justina NekrašaitÄ—