Hoàng Thi Nhu Hao —
Phenomenon, Prodigy, Paragon
Simone Hoang, 2019

The publication for Simone Hoang stems from her presentation 'Nude' at Rotterdam Art 2019, where she unveiled printing plates that vividly conveyed the intricate color challenges inherent in photopaper production. This exploration delved into the historical aspects of photopaper, particularly its intersection with non-western cultures. Hoang's quest to unearth her birth mother's passport and understand her own identity became intertwined with the nuances of photopaper quality, as the medium struggled to faithfully capture diverse skin tones.

To authentically replicate the original printing plates, ink had to pass the plates, resulting in a series of monoprints. These monoprints are thoughtfully organized into three distinct folders, each resonating with a specific color palette. Hanne Hagenaars contributes a text, accompanying the entire set, enriching the visual experience with insightful context and depth.

Printed in offset at Zwaan Lenoir.
Appendix with text printed in riso at studio Hendriksen.