Perfect Little Sam, The Marly Method
Jan Dirk van den Burg, 2018

When Dutch actress Marly van der Velden took to Instagram to document the childhood of her baby girl, she cleverly combined profiling with censoring. Her photo and selfie policy is the ultimate solution for parents who currently struggle with if and how they can present their children on social media. This book clarifies the Marly Method through an in-depth exploration into the applied censoring techniques. It provides meaningful guidelines for parents who want to present themselves on social media but leave their children as anonymous as possible.

The format refers to a manual – a photography tutorial. Images are clearly structered in numbered chapters and sub-categorized in each range. The quality of the images vary a lot, by placing them with a white border on a partly black page they tend to unify much more. The cover is coloured with the scheme of the social media platform, Instagram, itself. 

104 pages, japanese binding, 110 x 230 mm, Dutch/English
Typography set in Union, by Radim Pesko
Lithography + offsetprinting by Lenoirschuring
Published by Jan Dirk Van Den Burg