The World Library of Sanne and Lukas
IMG 0 – 97, Nowa Huta
Lucas Heibges and Sanne van den Elzen, 2018

The World Library of Sanne and Lukas is a visual library documenting subjects in various places and times. Its encyclopedic character emerges from a method developed by the photographers to explore unfamiliar themes. Several screenings are used in the imagery and produced in offset combined with riso-printed pages. The design expresses the two voices (visions) of the photographers on the same topic (their walk through Nowa Huta) by overlaying them, creating a constent shift of visual signatures (dis)balancing throughout the layout. Questioneing if you miss out on a picture or not. Carefully captured with a numbering system to take the reader through this alternative guide. How to look at our world, our collective history is always coloured by ones personal view, perspective and context. That fact is rather embrased and formed the base for the two photographers to place their imagery next and on top of eachother in the publication.

80 pages, hybrid production (riso + offset), soft cover, 165×238 mm. Typography set in Theinhardt by Francois Rappo
Lithography + offsetprinting by Lenoirschuring. Paper cover is Popset 400 gr/m2, interior on Lessebo Design 1.3 115 gr/m2 and Circle Offset 80 gr/m2. Published by DIAP, Amsterdam, The Netherlands