Oude Kerk
Identity, 2015 – 2022

The Oude Kerk is Amsterdam's oldest building and is accessible as a museum every day of the week. On Sunday mornings it still functions as a church. With an interhistorical program, the museum focuses on heritage and contemporary art, the monumental building often serving as a source of inspiration.  

The identity is based on the idea of the physical growth of the church –from a small chapel in the 13th century to the building it now is– and how this reflects the change of functions throughout these many years. The framework consists out of a solid coloured surface from which the information is claiming its space from the sides. This continuous change in the floorplan can be adjusted to the specific content and context of the church’s programme. Together with the use of the clear modernist typeface (Theinhardt by Francois Rappo) it maintains a signature-look thoughout all the nessecary items. Colour, imagery, typography, illustrating, everything can go along within the available tools creating an adjustable appearance reflecting the different positions of the church and its organization. Playfull, serious and/or sophisticated, it enjoys to manifeste through all the needed media and specific programme items such as Come Closer, Monuments and Collection.