Series of Scarfs

After successfully completing the logo design for the brand founded by Louise de Gier, she entrusted me with the task of creating a captivating series of scarves.

Louise's fashion perspective initially struck me as somewhat conventional, featuring elements like animal prints, flowers, an icon – her mother in this instance – a logo, and text. Despite my initial reservations, I found unexpected inspiration in these clichés. Armed with graphic tools, I delved into her conventional motifs, aiming to either subvert or enhance them. The resulting prints for the scarf series emerged as a fusion of these clichés, incorporating fundamental design elements like dots, lines, and flat areas.

The inaugural scarf in the series turned out to be a heartfelt tribute to Louise's mother. Although the scarf prominently showcases a photo of her, the clever use of a large raster image renders the portrait abstract when worn, creating a pattern of dots. The true image only comes to life when the scarf is unfolded. Additionally, the series introduces an animal print, featuring a tropical fish where colors and shapes harmonize into an abstract interplay of dots and hues. The flower-themed scarf transforms the dotted pattern into a floral design, transitioning back to dots as a diapositive. The scarf adorned with text subtly conceals the word 'Love' through delicately screen-printed gold dots.